The best mobile apps for keen anglers

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The best mobile apps for keen anglers

Mobile software can make a fishing trip much easier and provide valuable tips for catching specific species of fish.

Angler’s helper

The most popular fishing application available in Poland. The extensive content and high functionality of the program has gathered a devoted crowd of fans, which currently exceeds 100 thousand users

The Angler’s Helper offers an updated bite calendar with current weather forecasts for a given region, a fishing logbook, where each user can record their successes, a fish atlas, thanks to which it is easy to identify every fish caught, a map of fisheries across Poland, promotions for angling equipment, articles on angling-related topics, instructions on how to knot a fishing line or fasten a lure and up-to-date information on fees in fisheries, regulations and provisions of the Polish Angling Association. The application is free and available in the Android system.


One of the most extensive and up-to-date databases of all fisheries in Poland. Ryboszukacz users have access to more than 1,300 catalogued water areas, as well as information on the current weather in the region, the type of fishery, the rules, the facility manager and its fish population

By default, the application uses GPS, so it first searches for bodies of water located 25 kilometers from the user’s current location, but other locations can be found in the database. All the water areas can be sorted by selected provinces, fish in the water or by a specific name of a selected fishery. Additionally, the program enables the user to keep a fishing logbook, use articles prepared by angling experts and the fish atlas

The system also enables the user to create new profiles of fishing grounds, which have not been saved in the database so far, making it easier to create one’s own catalog of anglers’ favourite locations. The app can be used for free by both Android and iOS software owners.


An app for anglers from all over the world with over 5 million users. Fishbrain creates a social media for fishing enthusiasts from all over the world in addition to the basic features of fishing apps similar to those available in the examples above.

The app is a perfect place to share your catches, information on fishing methods or lures used in specific fisheries. Users starting their presence in Fishbrain have to answer some basic questions that help the program to create an angler’s profile. The basic version of the app is free, while a small monthly subscription is required for access to advanced features


The main advantage of the app is the ability to purchase a fishing permit at any time. Redirecting the payment online significantly streamlines the entire process and allows you to freely go fishing in any fishery in Poland.

In addition, the database contains information on nearby fisheries (sorted by types), angling stores or units of the State Fishing Service. Zimorodek is also a broad and up-to-date database of regulations and provisions concerning the possibility of catching specific fish species in the current season. Thanks to the application you can easily plan fishing expeditions and safely navigate any fishery in the country.

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