Quell Gauntlet – boxing training and fun

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Quell Gauntlet – boxing training and fun

Resistance belts that add variety to boxing workouts and bring the sport into the realm of gamification are the latest tech solution from Quell.

Modern wearable system for boxing athletes

The gadget created by the British brand Quell combines the expanded world of computer games and real physical training. The device consists of special gloves with resistance cables and a part worn on the athlete’s body. The interactive clothing connects to a computer or game console, and built-in sensors monitor the parameters of strokes performed by the player.

After putting on the device, special sensors detecting movement record data on the user’s manner and technique of movement. Thanks to the possibility of connecting with your favourite game, you can simultaneously enjoy entertainment, compete with your opponent and train like a boxer. The cords attached to the gloves create real resistance, so your muscles are engaged and you can feel the force and power of your punches.

After the game, the system prepares statistics, which show the quality of the moves performed during the game. Quell’s solution is innovative in that so far in similar devices the player could play the game, but did not feel the additional load, which reduced the quality of the entire training. In case of British equipment the real effects are much better.

Virtual coach

The device works great as a variety of standard boxing training. Thanks to the parameters collected during the game, such as speed, strength, acceleration and punch accuracy, the user has a chance to control their own progress and monitor their attitude during each game.

Specially designed application acts as a virtual coach, showing areas for improvement and mistakes made during the game. The system is able to show the progress made and constantly analyze the player’s current form, which makes achieving better results faster and more efficient.

The gloves themselves are light, more reminiscent of bandages than boxing equipment, so they will not only be an interesting variety of training for an experienced player, but also an interesting proposition for people who would like to start their adventure with combat sports in a pleasant way.

Thanks to the extended Bluetooth function and the possibility of Internet connection, two Quell Gauntlet users can take part in a single game, which adds more elements of competition and entertainment to the game.

Quell Gauntlet Availability

The British company has been raising funds to produce the equipment since last year. The project can be supported through the crowdfunding platform KickStarter. So far, more than a million dollars have been raised. The project was supported by several thousand users, so the company has the funds to create the first copies. Currently, the first models can be ordered for $249.

The expected time of their release is estimated for December this year. Of the 200 models planned so far, 168 have already been ordered. About when the device can be expected on the open market, the company has not yet announced, but with so much interest, it can be expected to be relatively soon.

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