Bike navigations on your phone – which are the most reliable?

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Bike navigations on your phone – which are the most reliable?

Bike navigation in a form of a phone application is a must for every cyclist. It allows you to record the route and speed or monitor the number of calories burned. Which applications of this type are particularly worth recommending? Here is a short list of the most interesting solutions.

Google Maps

This application needs no introduction. Contrary to appearances, it can be used not only while driving a car. You can successfully use it also when you want to go for a bike trip. Google Maps offers, among others, GPS satellite navigation and the possibility of browsing hundreds of millions of maps from all over the world. Its disadvantage, however, is that it only allows you to adjust your route. It lacks solutions dedicated to cyclists.

Google Fit

This application should be downloaded by all people who want to plan their daily cycling training effectively. It allows you to record the distance covered and the time. You can enter the user’s height and weight so that it becomes possible to monitor weight loss. The unquestionable advantages of this application include a clear, very transparent interface and ease of use.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Another extremely popular application for single-track enthusiasts. It allows you to monitor your workouts and share the results with your friends. The user’s activity is monitored using GPS and special sensors. Thanks to that you can get all the necessary information about the distance covered, the time of riding and the number of calories burned. As the application uses both GPS and the aforementioned Google maps, it allows to present the traveled distance in a clear graphical form.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

This application is used to monitor various types of activity. It can be used by cyclists as well as jogging enthusiasts. Strava Running and Cycling GPS monitors the distance covered and the time. Additionally, it allows you to share the results with your friends. The data includes also the highest and lowest points and the slope. The route is presented here in the form of a clear map.


This application is used to publish bike routes. It is dedicated to intermediate and advanced users who prefer mountain biking. The creator of Trailforks is Pinkbike – a popular American cycling service. You can find here almost 650 thousand kilometers of cycling routes located in more than 120 countries around the world. The main advantage of this application is that it presents even less known routes, each of which is described in detail. Each of the routes is accompanied by a trace on a map and photos, and sometimes even videos.


This application is a bicycle map. It lacks typical sport functions. This application presents different kinds of bicycle paths. The user can plan routes by dividing them into categories. Additionally, the application allows you to plan the route for a bicycle race. It is also equipped with an option to prepare for competitions by effectively planning workouts. Due to the fact that Naviki works offline, you can also use it when you don’t have coverage.

Bike Repair

Bike Repair is an app that provides instructions for basic repairs and maintenance of your bike. You can also find a range of practical advice about unicycles here. Each of the instructions is accompanied by photos, which greatly facilitates the process of replacing parts.

Proven method for accurate measurements

Wanting to monitor the distance covered, time and speed as accurately as possible, it is also worth getting an additional sensor or a special belt for measuring heart rate.

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