Sensoria Smart Socks – smart socks that tell you how to run properly

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Sensoria Smart Socks – smart socks that tell you how to run properly

Modern sports gadgets that increase comfort during physical activity are a constant part of technological development in sports. This time, smart socks have appeared on the market

How do Sensoria Smart Socks work?

Smart socks from Sensoria are the result of the brand’s work on similar devices placed in a sports bra or T-shirt. Plans for the upper garment were put on hold in favor of a project that would help adapt the limbs that are most vulnerable during running. According to the developers of the project, Smart Socks are designed to improve the running habits of athletes who have picked up faulty foot placement habits or running techniques during training.

The smart socks are supposed to literally track the athlete’s every step. Additional sensors placed in the socks monitor the most important parameters of the body during physical activity. The smart socks also have a special mobile application attached, which analyzes and records the results achieved, acting as a virtual coach

Used technological solutions

Specially designed sensors weighing about 7 grams have been placed inside the socks. Thanks to delicate and durable material, the device is resistant to friction or strong impacts. The sensors inside the socks have 8 built-in sensors, which monitor all the most important parameters of the body and the way the foot is placed during the run. The devices themselves are connected to docks located in the material. This makes them easy to charge using a USB charger. The battery life is estimated at 20 hours

The band that houses the sensor is crescent shaped and made of rubber. This ensures that the athlete does not feel any discomfort while running. When turned on, the device should automatically light up as soon as the athlete puts it on and starts moving their leg. The light indicates the mode of operation for the sensor. The device is not equipped with a separate, manual switch because it could turn on or off when the leg is pressed. The Smart Socks also include GPS and Bluetooth functionality, which allows the hardware to connect directly to a mobile app

Mobile app

In addition to the socks themselves, a key part of using Sensoria Smart Socks is the specially designed app. The system allows monitoring, analyzing and archiving the measured parameters. Thanks to the data from the application, the user will be able to learn about the correctness of the foot landing technique during walk or run, the rhythm of the run, the height of the leg raise. In addition, the program shows information on distance, speed and steps covered during the run

The mobile application also monitors body parameters, including heart rate, calories burned or distance covered. The software also has a virtual coach function, which will give the athlete tips in real time while running. Error notifications will not only appear on the mobile system, but can also be voice-based by connecting to the runner’s headphones. Any music can be set in the app, which will be interrupted in favor of the virtual trainer’s voice if necessary. The smart socks can be purchased on the official website of the Sensoria brand, and their cost is about 600 zlotys.

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