OptoJump Next – technology for Olympic gold

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OptoJump Next – technology for Olympic gold

Italian athlete Marcell Jacobs owes his spectacular success to this technology. This technology could revolutionize the history of sport!

Golden training

The Tokyo Games are over. We know the winners, the medals have been handed out. Among the gold winners was the Italian sprint champion, who dominated the competition in the 100 meter run. He defeated many and surprised even more people with such a remarkable form. As it turned out, his training was not only sweat and tears, but also intelligent technology. As reported by, Italian journalists wrote:

“OptoJump Next, developed by Microgate in Bolzano, played a key role in Jacobs’ success in the final of the 100m run in Tokyo. […] Marcell Jacobs runs, accelerates, decelerates between two yellow metal slats during a training session with coach Paolo Camossi.”

The article goes on to emphasize that the operating system allows the Olympian’s coach to track his protégé’s every step. Even the profile of the feet is scanned. In addition, the technology records running and treadmill contact movements, incline angle, impact, even how high Jacobs lifted his leg!

How did this technology help the athlete? Well, it determined the best possible running style for Marcell Jacobs. Micro-cameras allowed the aerodynamic movement to be reproduced with extreme precision, which after analysis allowed the winning method to be developed

Technology enters the world of sport

This is not the first time world champions have turned to the latest technology to prepare for a championship. This time, however, there’s clear evidence that technology can simply conquer Olympus. Microgate CEO Vinicio Biasi, in a statement to the press, stressed that he is proud that his company has created a technology that has made its mark on the history of Italian sport. He stressed that OptoJump Next should become a basic training tool for all athletes who aim as high as Marcell Jacobs. Why? The reason is simple: it enables the acquisition of the most precise parameters of each step. And this is the basis for success in this sport.

How does OptoJump Next work?

The technology is based on an optical sensing system that is designed to detect and then process, calculate and analyze each pause in the user’s movement. In this way, the placement of each step can be improved with a previously unbelievable precision of as much as one-thousandth of a second! Thus, the system allows to improve the athlete’s running behavior, joint work, static and dynamic posture, coordination of movements, strength, etc. Therefore, this technique is directed not only to runners, but also to football players, volleyball players, basketball players and other athletes

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