Active entertainment in front of the TV – best fitness apps for Android TV

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Active entertainment in front of the TV – best fitness apps for Android TV

Looking for an interesting alternative to exercise at the gym? You don’t have to leave your house to take care of your figure! Just reach for one of the fitness applications available on Android TV. Here is a brief overview of the most interesting solutions.


The most powerful fitness application available on Android TV is Peloton. You can easily download it from Google Play without any additional charges. The next step is to log in and activate the free trial period, which lasts up to 2 months. After it ends, the subscription is not automatically renewed. Those satisfied with the app can purchase a monthly subscription by activating the subscription themselves.

Workouts can be done in two ways. You can choose between a pre-recorded video or a live workout. A huge advantage of the Peloton app is the ability to set personal goals. When it comes to available activities, you can choose from treadmill running, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength training, firming training, indoor cycling, cardio training, stretching, walking, yoga, and meditation, among others.

365 Body Workout

Another recommended fitness app available on Android TV is 365 Body Workout. It features dozens of fitness sets in the form of 360-degree animations. During the workout the user is motivated by a voice coach. The app includes 12 programs that guarantee a year of workouts. The available options here are: Quick Workout, Calendar, My Workouts, Exercise, Settings, and Unlock.

As for the first one, you can choose from workouts lasting either 2.5 or 15 minutes. After selecting the desired duration, a preview of the workout will appear on the screen, including slides with the name, number of sets and number of repetitions of the particular exercise. When you start the program, you will see a counter and a simulation of the correct execution of the exercise.

The second function of the 365 Body Workout application is the Calendar, which makes it easier to organize your workout and determine the days for recovery. It is very clear and one month flows smoothly into the next here.

In the My Workouts section the user can compose activities tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Each workout must consist of at least 2 exercises. Here you can name, save and reset your workouts.

Another of the functions of the discussed application is Exercises. As the name suggests, here the user can see what each exercise looks like and how it should be performed. This is a great way to prevent yourself from getting injured.

In the Settings section you can find the settings of the audio trainer that appears during your workouts (you can choose here, among other things, its gender). In addition, you can turn off the music and integrate the app with Google Fit. The last option from the main menu is Unlock. It allows you to unlock the exercises included in the application by purchasing the premium version.

365 Body Workout brings fitness to your Android TV

Fitness apps are all over the Google Play Store, for both your phone and…

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Samsung Health

The last proposal is Samsung Health, which so far has only been available as a mobile app for smartphones or smartwatches. Why is it worth installing it on your TV? It allows you to use various workout plans along with a guide. A lot of them are free.

Samsung Health has over 250 videos presenting fitness classes as well as strength or relaxation exercises. It is possible to create individual exercise plans tailored to current needs and a separate profile for each family member. Also noteworthy is the next workout reminder function.

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