7 best sailing apps

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7 best sailing apps

Mobileapplications are not only for communication anymore. Nowadays, there are apps for almost everything, including those that will help us in our cruising.

The following set has been selected by us in order to provide you with a selection of the best applications available in Polish language for Android. The podium is taken by applications related to Masuria.

Mazury Mini Location

The application is free and available on Google Play. It has six features that will definitely make travelling and cruising around the Masurian lakes easier.
1.Map – includes not only rivers and lakes, but also ports, canals, bridges, locks, power lines, gas stations, and even tourist attractions or reserves.
2.Weather – focuses mainly on selected areas (Węgorzewo, Sztynort, Giżycko, Mikołajki, Ryn, etc.)
3.Sailing signs – which we can meet on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes.
5.Help – emergency numbers that we might need.
6. Acompass.

Safe on the Water

The initiators of the application were the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship Self-Government. The application focuses on the rules of behavior in dangerous situations. Each dangerous event has been described and illustrated, together with the ways of avoiding the danger.

From the application we will learn how to react in case of: fainting, fainting, allergies, fractures, convulsions and so on. There is also a guide on how to contact (and where to find) the nearest police station, hospital, or fire department.

Storms over Poland and Europe

This is an application that allows you to verify in real time the lightning over the entire continent, not just Poland. It is connected to Google Maps which displays information about possible storms. The data comes from ground-based weather stations. The application also allows you to track one specific location and in case of any sudden changes, it will notify you immediately.

Storms over Poland and Europe

Today for.

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A modest but very interesting application. From it we will learn what course to take to new ports, what awaits us there, what are the costs of mooring, etc. In addition, the program allows you to easily contact the petty officer of the port. One of the functions worth becoming friends with is the option of planning the route of the voyage (potential costs are also included). And if you discover an unregistered port, you can add it to the app yourself.


An award-winning app that will allow us to plot our route along the sea lanes. It works perfectly as a navigation tool. The sea maps in the application are extensive and provide information such as the occurrence of depths and reefs, lighthouses and ports. The application has a weather related package, extended with data on sea currents etc.


An interactive guide to the southern countries: Greece, Croatia and Turkey. It allows you to book berths and check prices, verify information about the area, read reviews of other users about the place, create your own list of places you recommend and would like to visit.

Anchor Alarm

An application focusing on the issue of safe anchoring. It informs us about possible weather changes in the place where we want to drop anchor. This is especially important news when we consider that the yacht is not a stable dwelling or a vehicle that no force can move, but a structure dependent on the whims of weather.

We have gathered for you 3 useful applications for your phone that you should have while sailing. 🙂

Windy – application for…

Published by Mazuria Saturday, March 27, 2021

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