top 5 apps that will remind you to hydrate properly

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top 5 apps that will remind you to hydrate properly

Sports apps aren’t just workouts, progress monitors and sleep trackers. Here are the best programs that will create in you the habit of regular water intake.

Along with a balanced diet, proper recovery time and supplementation, hydration is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. People who are physically active should pay particular attention to hydration, because their body needs more fluids after an intensive workout. Water should be replenished regularly throughout the day and before the body sends a signal that it needs it, for example through dryness in the throat. The recommended daily water intake is 2.5 liters. Adequate distribution of this amount will help the body work properly and feel better. Water deficiency can be associated with a number of discomforts, especially severe headaches, drowsiness, and a feeling of weakness. A mobile application can help you distribute the right amount of fluids throughout the day by sending you a reminder.

Water Tracker / WaterMinder

Easy to use application collects data on daily fluid intake, analyses it and generates information about individual user’s needs. The data is presented in the form of a clear graph which shows the hydration level of the body. The application starts with entering basic information about the user, such as weight, height, age, gender and frequency of physical activity. Based on the data obtained, Water Tracker automatically calculates the daily requirement, which significantly facilitates the monitoring of water intake throughout the day. The program does not have a notification or alarm system preloaded, which means that it does not send appropriate reminders about the need to replenish fluids. The WaterMinder app is free and works on most popular systems such as Android and iOS.


The app requires key information about your metrics, lifestyle, water intake, and air temperature in your immediate environment. Based on the data provided, Hydro independently calculates what is the daily required amount of water to drink. The application has an option to set a reminder, which will send a notification when you need to replenish your fluids. The program is available in a free version, which has all the necessary functions, and a paid version, which allows you to save data and support charities working to provide drinking water to unsanitary regions of the world. Hydro has a simple interface, so it is clear and easy to use.

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The program has basic functions monitoring daily water consumption, archiving data and determining individual user needs. An additional option is geolocation, thanks to which the application independently checks the current ambient temperature and adjusts the need for fluid intake to it. Waterbalance also allows you to connect to social media and share your results.

Water is life! Take control of your hydration with the Waterbalance app ?

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Water reminder

Hydration monitor checks the level of drunk water not only on a daily basis, but also on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Based on the user’s gender and weight, the app determines the daily fluid requirements and then sends appropriate notifications on a regular basis. The smart notifications function allows you to set the sleep mode, so that the application will not display reminders at night. As many as 20 different types of drinks have been uploaded into the system for the user to take. In order to motivate the user and develop a healthy habit of drinking water, the app offers numerous challenges that can be completed. Water Reminder is available in a free version and supports Android, Windows and iOS.

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Water Your Body

Like the rest of the Water Your Body app, it calculates your daily water requirements based on key user data. With easy-to-read graphs, the app shows you how much fluid you still need to take in to meet your daily norm. An advantage of the system is the ability to enter different types and capacities of vessels from which you drink water. Water Your Body also allows you to set reminders for a specific time.

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