Why are more and more athletes using blue-light blocking glasses?

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Why are more and more athletes using blue-light blocking glasses?

Blue light has a huge impact on our body. Athletes are well aware of this. They are increasingly choosing to wear specialized blue-light blocking glasses.

Where does blue light come from and what effect does it have on our body?

The development of technology has a salutary and at the same time often destructive effect on people. An example is the electronic devices that make human life or communication incredibly easy, but at the same time constantly emit and stimulate our body with blue light. Its source is precisely the gadgets that we use every day, for example, the telephone, computer, television and other such equipment.

Blue light harms our body. First of all, it is harmful to our eyes. Scientists point out that the eye exposed to frequent exposure to blue light gets tired, dries out – we can feel this clearly after just a few hours of constant computer use. Such an organ is more prone to diseases such as cataracts. 

Human diurnal rhythm by blue light is disturbed. Our body is not able to determine on its own what time of day it is at the moment, which it had no problem with before, because we dose it with light in different intensities from electronics. Because of this, it cannot work in harmony with the rhythm of nature. Exposure to blue light is interpreted by our body as a constantly ongoing day. It is for this reason that so many people today have problems with sleep, increased stress levels and many other consequences. 

Blue light blocking glasses

A solution that can protect us from the effects of blue light are specialized blocking glasses. They are well known to athletes who are particularly concerned about the quality of their lives and health. Their bodies are their tools at work, so they must take care of every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. 

Blocking glasses have been known for a long time. However, they were associated with laboratories. They have only been popular by athletes and others for some time.  

The leading proponent popularizing the wearing of blocking glasses is Erling Haaland. He is the one promoting the glasses with his persona. However, this is not just simple advertising on the part of the football player. In interviews, he repeatedly stresses that wearing glasses can increase his performance by up to several percent. Indeed, this is true, as scientists indicate that glasses help with day-to-day functioning.

Advantages of wearing glasses that block blue light 

The unquestionable advantage of wearing blue-light blocking glasses is the overall improvement in our quality of life. First of all, the quality of our sleep improves. So we are much more rested and full of strength for our daily activities. We have more energy and desire to do things. Our eyes are not strained and tired. We also prevent the possible development of diseases, such as the previously mentioned cataract, for example.

Our concentration, memory and focus are at a higher level. Some also point to a reduction in inflammation occurring in our bodies. In addition, our mood is certainly better. We are less fatigued and more productive. Perhaps, given the above advantages, it is worth considering the purchase of such glasses.

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