AI better than grandmasters – how do chess engines work?

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AI better than grandmasters – how do chess engines work?

Virtual chess has become very popular in recent months. We checked how algorithms reproduce the game of grandmasters.

Intelligent algorithm

The operation of a complex mechanism created in chess programs can be simply described as the execution of appropriate game sequences designed by the program developer on the basis of mathematical calculations and chess theory and practice. This means that the chess engine created has the task to recreate and play the game in the most efficient way possible leading to winning the game. Thanks to the bit data map, in which there is a database of information about possible moves and ways of playing, the system can independently conduct a chess game at any level.

Is the system better than grandmasters?

In theory, the answer is yes. Apart from the fact that the player has less or similar knowledge to the computer, the system itself excludes the human factor during the game. Fatigue, malaise, stress or any other factor affecting the player’s mood and condition is not perceptible by the program. However, in practice it is not so obvious. Chess engines are programmed to use each move only correctly, without getting rid of any pieces, while a real player is able to predict the game and, within a particular move, sacrifice a piece for later advantages.

What information does the chess engine have?

The chess game system is loaded with known variants of played chess games. The program uses records of matches, from clashes of the best chess grandmasters to the least recognized games. Additionally, the system contains information about the list and position of particular pieces, the side of the move, the ratio of the course of the game to the rule of 50 moves, the possibility of castling both ways or the options of beating in passing. Interestingly, the chess engine also includes a move generator, which uses an extensive database to search for the best variant of the next move. During each move the generator searches anew for available possibilities and after a quick analysis selects the most advantageous option.

Play Magnus – Magnus Carlsen’s program

Chess engines are part of the training of every professional player. Such programs are also used by amateurs who, thanks to virtual games, have a chance to compete with the world’s grandmasters. One of such chess legends is Magnus Carlsen from Norway. The player began his adventure with virtual chess by creating a profile on a popular game site. His presence surprised many fans, who had a unique opportunity to play with their idol. After winning the world title, Carlsen visited Silicon Valley, where he played a game with the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg.

At that time, the chess player got the idea to turn his passion into another business that would allow him to play games with all the players in the world. This is how the Play Magnus app was created. The system was equipped with batches of the Norwegian player at different stages of his career. This allowed users to play against a 6-, 8- or 15-year-old chess player. The chess engine mimicked the Norwegian’s game, recreating his brilliant mind.

Online chess apps

With the development of apps, more programs were created to help young players train and learn the chess tactics of the game. Thus, the Magnus Trainer and Tactics Frenzy apps appeared on the market. In 2020, the Norwegian grandmaster’s signature system merged with Chess24, the most popular online chess service. The coronavirus pandemic contributed to the dynamic development of the platform and popularization of virtual games around the world. The “Queen’s Gambit” series also contributed to the widespread recognition of the program. In the platform’s social media, recordings have appeared in which the grandmaster analyzes the parts shown in the Netflix production.

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Published by Play Magnus Friday, March 5, 2021

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