Weregolf – a smart suit that could revolutionize the game of golf

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Weregolf – a smart suit that could revolutionize the game of golf

Golf is a sport that is not one of the most popular in Poland, but it is the technology created by a Polish brand that has the potential to help players grind out the basic movement.

Injury rate in golf

According to statistics, there are approximately 32 million golf-related injuries reported in one year alone. This is due to the unnatural positioning of the body while performing the swing. During this game, muscles are involved that are not used or not used at all in everyday life. Repeated swing – performed dozens of times during one training – overloads the spine, abdomen, trunk and arms. While performing the movement, the body has to be bent, twisted and strained, and the impact itself requires speed and force, which in a short time generates a large load for the body. The invention of the Polish start-up is to better prepare the athlete’s body for swinging and significantly reduce the risk of bothersome injuries to the back or muscles involved in the movement.

Weregolf project

Theinnovative technological solution is a suit created specifically for golf, which increases muscle memory and prepares the body for the correct execution of the swing. The idea of creating Weregolf came to the mind of the author of the project as a result of experiences gained as a golf coach, long-time player and member of the Polish Golf Union. Justyna Bącela met on her way a lot of difficulties in explaining to the beginners how they should put their body to the hit and which muscles should be activated. Developing good golf habits took a long time and was not very effective.

Modern suit will help players much better understand their body, automatically remember the correct muscle tension and minimize the risk of injuries related to the wrong golfing technique. Developed in Poland, the device is meant to act as a virtual coach that will detect a mistake in real time and show how to correct it.

“The basic golf movement, the so-called swing, is a very complex and highly coordinated movement of the whole body. In this regard,…

Published by Weregolf Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How does a golf swing suit work?

The tight-fitting suit that a player wears is equipped with special sensors, evenly distributed throughout the player’s body and on his shoes. The movements made by the player are constantly analyzed by a specially created program that, when it detects an error, sends a signal to the appropriate sensor, producing a vibration perceptible to the golfer. In this way, the player in real time receives a message about the part of the body whose alignment must be corrected.

The set also comes with special glasses showing the virtual golf course. This allows the player to better acclimate to the practice, focus on the correct alignment and visualize the game. The goggles also allow you to practice anywhere, including your home, which in times of pandemic is especially important for Weregolf developers. As they themselves emphasize, the popularity of this sport has significantly increased during the introduced restrictions, as it allows to keep a safe distance and play freely on several dozen hectares of a golf course. The suit created by the Polish start-up is expected to further increase the comfort and technical level of the golf game.

Availability of the Weregolf suit

According to information posted on the official website of Weregolf, the premiere of the suit will take place soon, although it is still unknown what will be its market price. So far, from the official communications of the brand, it seems that there will be two versions of the device available. The first one will have a basic form, and its recipients are to be golf amateurs and beginner players, especially children and teenagers. The second, expanded version will be made available to golf course managers, coaches and professional players. The collected feedback is to help improve the project and use it not only in golf or other sports, but also in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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