Kingdom of numbers and statistics – how does InStat Sport work?

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Kingdom of numbers and statistics – how does InStat Sport work?

Statistical breakdowns are an inseparable part of professional sport, which has become a permanent feature in the most important sports around the world. How does the popular InStat Sport platform collect and analyze data in practice?

InStat Sport in the service of progress

The sports statistics platform is a brand that is a world leader in its field. The created databases are extended with video materials so that users can freely play and analyze the available materials by themselves. Each of the analyzed teams has its own profile, which is updated after the next game played.

The statistics made available in InStat Sport also allow the creation of so-called playtypes, i.e. typical behaviors and ways of playing of each team and individual players. Thanks to such extensive and detailed data, each team can precisely prepare the best and most effective tactical solutions. The company analyzes comprehensive data from soccer, basketball and ice hockey games.

InStat Sport is used by the best sports leagues, clubs and national teams in the world. Among the subscribers of the innovative platform there are such basketball teams as Valencia Basket, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, national teams of Poland, Spain or France. The statistics prepared for soccer purposes are used, among others, by all the teams of PKO BP Ekstraklasa and two lower leagues as well as teams from German, French, Czech or Spanish leagues. The platform enjoys great popularity in the United States and Canada, where it is used by the staffs of the leading ice hockey and basketball clubs.

What information do InStat Sport subscribers get?

The packages available depend on the subscription a team has purchased. InStat Sport offers several different models and databases on different levels, so each club has to adjust the offer to its financial possibilities. As standard, in the highest tiers of the game, the coaching staff receives comprehensive reports on the last few matches of the opponent. In addition, the package also includes an analysis of the progress and changes in the team since the beginning of the season. After the match, the Pitcher also has access to the analysis of the match performed. After each completed match, the staff receives a report on all completed matches so that they can put each of their players in comparison with the entire league.

The databases are also used by sports journalists, sports editors and scouts who are looking for new talent. The extensive databases of data and video footage of matches taking place around the world allow for a comprehensive overview of available players and an insight into their current skills or progress during the season. As emphasized by the representatives of InStat Sport, the reports are divided into media reports and deep reports that will be sent directly to the coaching staff of each club.

Technological solutions in InStat Sport

The InStat Sport platform uses its own technological equipment that allows not only to record its own video, but also to create its own signal and stream live broadcasts. This solution is often used by bookmakers or smaller platforms streaming sporting events. The company places its own equipment (e.g. wide-angle cameras) at each sports venue and creates HD quality video.

Thanks to advanced technology and employed operators InStat Sport can also prepare its own VAR system, in which it stops the action, replays it frame by frame and shows it from different angles. The resulting image is then analyzed by statisticians, who tag the movements of each player, assessing their playing style, directions of movement or effectiveness during the game. As assured by the company’s representative in Poland, the analysis of one match takes from 6 to a maximum of 8 hours.

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