The last “FIFA” is coming. EA Sports will not renew the license

As could have been assumed for some time, Electronic Arts and FIFA have not reached an agreement – so the upcoming “FIFA 23” will be the last game in the series. What will the lovers of virtual on-field activities play next year?

It’s already certain – the company EA Sports has failed to reach an agreement with the International Federation of Football. This brings to an end the history of the series of football games under the name “FIFA”, which reigned on computers and consoles since 1993.

Enthusiasts of virtual soccer, however, have no reason to worry. As you can read in an official statement from Electronic Arts, another game starring soccer will be released in 2023. The future belongs to EA Sports FC!

EA Sports FC is expected to offer its players superbly polished gameplay, variety when it comes to game modes, the ability to control “real” football players, and even… the gigantically popular Ultimate Team mode.

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