ORB biohacking – a way of post-exercise recovery for the 21st century

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ORB biohacking – a way of post-exercise recovery for the 21st century

Regular exercise brings us many benefits, but only if we take care of proper recovery after a grueling workout. In the world of technology, an interesting project has recently emerged that could prove invaluable in the context of post-exercise rest.

Regeneration after exercise 

No one needs to be convinced that regular physical activity has a very positive effect on our health – both physical and mental. A markedly improved sense of well-being or increased fitness are just some of the benefits that exercise brings. However, we will be able to enjoy these and many other benefits of practicing sports only if we remember to take time for recovery. We can even venture to say that rest is an integral part of training – especially in a world that places ever higher demands on us and exposes us to stress.

Wellness biohacking – what is it?

Taking care of one’s health is already one of the leading trends, and according to forecasts, this trend is only expected to increase in the coming years. We can increasingly encounter the term wellness biohacking. In a nutshell, it means the combination of science and modern technology to influence the human body to function better, and more efficiently.  The key aspect here is the speed with which such methods interact – using technology, we will be able to achieve tangible health benefits in just minutes, rather than hours or days, not to mention long weeks. Thus, all indications are that the cooperation of science and new technologies will find wide application not only in everyday life, but also in sports. 

Biohacking Orb – regenerate yourself!

The creation of the Biohacking ORB platform is a result of the ever-growing interest in topics related to taking care of health. It’s an innovative solution where you can individually configure the functions offered. The Biohacking ORB, also called the capsule of the future, has been adapted for non-contact, self-contained and, above all, comfortable use, as well as for wellness treatments. 

The platform uses a wide range of functions aimed at improving health and well-being. Here are some of them!


Nauroacoustic sound therapy involves using specific sound frequencies and rhythms to induce a desired brain state. Using this therapy improves memory and creativity, while solving problems such as headaches and migraines. Neuroacoustic sessions, depending on the type, can last from 20 to 50 minutes.


Colors can significantly affect one’s mood, as well as one’s state of mind, with each color producing different energetic and mental effects. So an illuminated tree of life has been placed on the ceiling of the Biohacking ORB platform, which is designed to combine all the colors of the rainbow. This is intended to bring calm and relaxation.


There have already been sounds and colors, so it’s time for smells, which have not been forgotten in Biohacking ORB either. The platform uses essential oils, used in the treatment and prevention of various ailments. The right scents make the modern capsule of the future the perfect place for relaxation.

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