Swimming with a tracker – how to improve technique and performance in the pool in real time

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Swimming with a tracker – how to improve technique and performance in the pool in real time

Bracelets that control exercise technique in the gym, shoes that measure distance and pressure, trackers – reading the correctness of our style and technique while swimming.

What is a tracker?

This device resembles other sports gadgets. It is an advanced technology equipped with artificial intelligence that collects and analyzes information about our body movements while swimming. Then, thanks to the built-in voice module, the tracker will act as a coach, which informs us whether we swim correctly, according to the technique, or not.

This is to allow us to correct our technique, pace, etc. during water training. In addition, the device is neatly constructed, because it is worn on the head (almost like a cap), so that the voice part adheres to the ear, which allows it to immediately inform us of errors. It is, of course, waterproof.

How does the sound in the tracker work?

The way it works is quite interesting, because the sound reaches us through the bones of the skull (bone conduction), but it is in no way a dangerous method. On the contrary, it has been known and used for years. Discussions are still taking place as to whether the sound module will be clear, but the upcoming tests to be done as part of the crowdfunding campaign will probably give clear answers.

Types of trackers

Nowadays, several devices and models have already been developed to allow swimmers to monitor their body, technique, performance, etc. during training, such as special wristbands and watches. However, there has not yet been anything that could actually replace a coach. Trackers have a chance to fulfill this role.

Galerdo Beker Pro with AI trainer

The device is designed in such a way that it does not interfere with swimmers. It is placed under the cap, or fixed on the occipital with a rubber band. The Galerdo Beker itself is an improved version of an earlier model, which, however, was not as impressive. The predecessor had neither Bluetooth technology, nor a mobile app, sound module and other improvements that the Pro version already has.

The device, equipped with special sensors, reads the movements of the head and hands. In this way, artificial intelligence is able to figure out what style we swim. Crawl and butterfly (commonly known as dolphin) swimming require completely different movements. Moreover, Galerdo Beker Pro will be able to control what distance we have covered, in what time, at what pace, etc. The collected information will be sent to the application on the phone, while the comments about the need for correction will be provided to us by the sound module.


In construction and the way of putting on the TW does not differ much from the GB Pro. In this case, the sensors are also placed on the head, under the cap. What distinguishes this model is a definite improvement in quality. It is a much better device than a watch or a wristband. Among other things, it collects information about:

  • fatigue (at which stage we were most tired),
  • style,
  • pace,
  • technical errors.

The whole is processed and sent via Bluetooth to the Triton Connect base, which is located next to the pool. Thanks to this solution TW is able to analyze and process information on up to 50 swimmers simultaneously. Therefore, it is primarily a piece of equipment for professionals. However, the manufacturers have announced a revised version to be adapted to the needs of a single customer.

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