Smart training accessories for basketball players

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Smart training accessories for basketball players

Ambition in sports often leads to improved performance, skills and knowledge. With hard training, you can improve your results and climb higher and higher. Today, technology also comes to our aid. With its use we are able to monitor every workout and play. So we are going to take a look at smart training accessories for basketball players that can make our basketball performance increase significantly.

Sensor Sleeve and ShotTracker – wearable technology

The first device is a so-called smart sleeve, which is designed to track the movement of the hand and help train the throwing technique. At one time, an arm sleeve with thermoactive properties was popularized in basketball. However, specialists have gone a step further and added sensors to this piece of clothing to help improve basketball throws. At the same time, it is constructed in such a way that the arm remains fully free while making the throw.

The sleeve has gas pedals extending to the biceps, forearm, and part of the hand, with which it will analyze our body and arm alignment while making throws. The device is paired with an app on your phone. The application visualizes the trajectory of the ball, calculated on the basis of hand movements collected from the sensor, and the regularity of our throws. An additional function is to create your own profile of the player and apply it to a kind of social media. This way we will be able to compete with other players. The device is supposed to help us improve the dynamics of our throws and train the correct style.

ShotTracker works on a very similar principle, but we can say that it is more advanced. In addition to the sleeve with the sensor, the set also includes sensors, which should be attached to the rim and spread around the room. In this way, we will be able not only to work on the throwing technique itself, but also to evaluate our effectiveness from different places on the court. The creators have also provided a mobile application where we can track our progress. Training sessions in which we can participate with friends are also made available.

Hoop Tracker – wrist monitoring

Another device, Hoop Tracker, works in a similar way. The technology takes the form of a simple wrist watch and comes with a sensor attached to the rim of the basketball hoop. This gadget is designed to check and monitor the accuracy of throws, repetition and percentage of individual attempts. The watch should be worn on the hand that supports the throw.

We can choose from several training options, including 3-point shots, free throws or from the side of the court. The accuracy of our shots will be measured by a sensor near the rim. A shot at the rim, target or the net will be classified as off-target. We can check our results in the mobile application. In this way we can analyze our effectiveness and accuracy of our shots and learn which elements need to be improved.

Smart Net and Smart Sensor Basketball – smart net and basketball

The last gadgets are smart net and ball. The smart ball is able to take measurements of throwing speed, turn up, accuracy and dribbling. The net equipped with the appropriate sensors will evaluate the accuracy of the throw and that too with high accuracy. Clean throws, where you can hear the characteristic sound of the ball rubbing against the net, will be judged as the best. Hits during which the ball first bounces off the target or the rim will be classified as less accurate, but still accurate. This will allow us to improve the dynamics of our dribbling, preparation for the throw and its effectiveness.

You also do not have to worry about possible damage to the equipment, because the net is designed with a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, and the ball is designed to withstand shocks. The ball’s sensors will sense movement with an accuracy of 100 milliseconds, and the battery lasts for about eight hours of practice. The best part is that we can pair this equipment with Google Glass and watch the effects of exercise live through images projected directly in front of our eyes.

It seems that Smart Net and Smart Sensor Basketball will be perfect for players who just like to play in the backyard. This does not require them to customize their gym and set up special sensors – as in the case of ShotTracker. You may also find the Sensor Sleeve and Hoop Tracker useful, but these devices work in fairly similar ways, so you would probably have to opt for one of them.

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