Feel like in the stadium. What possibilities do modern TVs offer for watching sports?

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Feel like in the stadium. What possibilities do modern TVs offer for watching sports?

The current pandemic situation has meant that the biggest sporting events can mostly only be followed from the comfort of your own home. However, the quality and comfort of watching can be significantly improved by a TV adapted to sports.

The most important parameters

When browsing the offer of leading brands that produce electronics, you should carefully look at the parameters of the equipment and choose the most optimal solution. The most important issue is the screen size. The comfort of watching, especially sports games, is increased by the screen, which you can freely cover with your eyes. The diagonal of the picture should be adjusted to the room where the TV set will be placed. The distance from the seat to the screen should be at least two metres. In this way, you can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the image and freely watch even the smallest details of the action happening on the field, stadium or court. The optimal size is about 55 inches.

The quality of viewing is also affected by the sharpness, resolution and smoothness of the image. For many years, top-of-the-line models have included a 4K or Ultra HD option. You can also find 8K models on the market, but their quality may not be apparent for sports broadcasts, as most stations provide the picture in slightly lower quality. Buying such a powerful TV may simply not be worth it.

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Built-in mechanisms

Modern TVs use the latest technological solutions that translate into comfort and quality of the displayed image. In the case of sports broadcasts, the difference is visible to the naked eye and can allow for an almost physical transfer to sports arenas. The first element supporting such a high level is a good matrix. The above-standard version, great for sports fans, is the frequency starting at the level of 100 Hz. Such parameters reduce the differences between the frames of the image, as well as eliminate streaks produced behind fast-moving objects, such as a ball or a vehicle.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of matrix – LED, QLED or OLED. Each of them increases image contrast, improves the sharpness of its colors and increases the viewing angle. The classic LED model will prove useful during sports broadcasts, but if the user does not care so much about the price of the equipment, it is worth investing in a higher-class matrix. Good sound also helps to move into the real world of games, so it is worth checking carefully the built-in speakers. Their power should be at least 20 W. It is also possible to connect a separate audio system, for example a home cinema, or switch the sound to good quality headphones.

Additional features

The parameters listed so far will make watching a sports broadcast at a good level, and the difference between a less powerful TV and high-quality equipment will become immediately apparent. However, sports fans can also look for additional options in the device that will further improve not only the comfort of watching, but also expand the possibilities of following sports events.

One of such functions is Timeshift, which consists in buffering the current program onto a connected hard drive or memory stick. This allows the user to pause, rewind or replay the recording, for example in slow motion. This type of option is referred to by different names in different manufacturers, but usually it allows for the same actions.

A Smart TV system connected to the Internet may also be important for some users. This type of option will prove useful when the transmission of the match takes place on a streaming platform and not on a traditional TV channel. An interesting solution is also the split-screen function, thanks to which it is possible to watch two interesting games simultaneously.

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