Get your heart rate under control! How do sports testers work?

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Get your heart rate under control! How do sports testers work?

Equipment monitoring the work of the body during training can be helpful in achieving the desired form and be a source of motivation for a more intensive effort. How do these specific controllers of the human body work?

Thanks to technological development, professional sports equipment is also commercially available. The possibilities of the devices are wide: they count steps, measure heart rate, monitor the quality and length of sleep and are a kind of virtual personal coach. Most of the read data can be sent to a special application that continuously archives the recorded parameters.

Sport tester is a gadget that is useful at both amateur and professional level. It will come in handy when trying to improve your results and will allow you to exercise safely. Thanks to the measurement of heart rate, the body can work at the level of its capabilities and gradually develop. The readout results allow for an accurate analysis and proper adjustment of the intensity of the effort for a particular athlete.

When choosing a sports tester, it is worth paying attention not only to its technical parameters, but above all, think about what type of exercise it will be used for. Careful research and precise determination of the intended objectives will allow us to choose the most optimal type of equipment. Sports testers come in the form of smartwatches, heart rate monitors, bracelets, workout bands, and even as a piece of equipment for exercise (for example, latex rubber).

What parameters does the device check?

The basic function is heart rate monitoring. Some devices come with a chest strap, which accurately examines the heart rate. In the case of smartwatches or wristbands, the measurement is read on the basis of the pulse in the hand. Additionally, the devices measure distance traveled, speed and its frequency, count calories burned, check the depth of sleep and measure stress levels.

Each of the sport testers is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, which records the data and, using preloaded software, analyzes it and converts it into simple results. Many of the devices also have a gyroscope and GPS system installed to help you move around and record data from your route. Additional features include music players, weather information, the ability to pair the sport tester with a phone or computer using Bluetooth, or a USB port.

Sport testers have established themselves for good as training controllers in today’s sports and recreational world. Measurements…

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How is the data collected?

The route covered is recorded using a preloaded GPS system that tracks the route based on the achieved walking pace, speed and distance from the starting point. The sensors embedded in the sport testers monitor the user’s body movements. In this way, they can collect data about the training performed and the work of the body and interpret them accordingly. The algorithms responsible for data processing may vary depending on the manufacturer of the device. The mounted accelerometer monitors body movement in every direction, so it is effective even during sleep.

The sport testers are also equipped with a barometer that measures blood pressure, GPS, a heart rate sensor and a thermometer that collects data about the user’s body temperature. The stress level is read by checking the electrical conductivity of the skin, which depends on the intensity of sweat secretion. The data is especially important during post-workout recovery. Based on the information obtained, the virtual coach can assess whether the training plan being implemented is appropriate for the body’s capacity and possibly advise a change. All controlled parameters are stored in the built-in RAM memory, and thanks to the connection between the device and the mobile application, the data can be sent to the user’s phone.

Usually, the mobile application has a greater ability to interpret and analyze the stored data, so it is worth paying attention when choosing a sports tester, whether the model has a Bluetooth system uploaded, as well as use compatible software for the phone.

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