Active vacation with your smartphone – travel apps you should install for summer

The upcoming vacation season is the perfect time to take an interest in apps that make traveling easier. Here are some of the most interesting proposals!

Unusual Poland

The project was initiated by an Internet portal of the same name. In the application you can find valuable information on the most popular attractions throughout Poland. The application’s database includes more than 40,000 places, such as historical buildings, landscape parks, museums, monuments or hiking trails. The monuments can be filtered by location or by their own name. Each place has its exact location, illustrative photographs, tourist or historical information assigned to it. The virtual guide also allows you to save your favorite places and find interesting tourist attractions near your location.


The city guide is an ideal option for people who visit large agglomerations during their vacations. Thanks to the location obtained by the program, you can find the most popular nearby tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants or pubs. In the section related to searching for specific places, it is possible to filter restaurants according to their purpose (e.g. those specializing in tasty lunches or dinners and places perfect for spending an evening). Foursquare creates a community of logged-in users who add valuable comments to each place and rate the establishment. This gives the user the opportunity to visit the most popular and highest rated locations in every city in the world.


Another interesting proposal is an application that collects information about Polish cities. The system includes not only the largest metropolises in the country but also smaller towns (e.g. Żary, Żagań, Legnica). The application allows the user to personalise the routes prepared by dividing them into those intended mainly for sportsmen, hipsters, families with children, lovers of good food or partygoers. Each type of traveller has a route assigned to them in a given city with the best-fitting tourist attractions, eateries or monuments worthy of attention.


An app perfect for those traveling across the country. Thanks to an advanced algorithm and rich database, all you have to do is choose a country and the application will tell you which places are the most appreciated and visited. Additionally, you can select specific regions, islands or cities that you cannot miss on your trip. Triposo contains detailed and constantly updated information about restaurants, hotels, public transport, cultural events and tourist attractions.


A free virtual guide is a solution for people who don’t like reading about places they want to visit. izi.TRAVEL is a database of information for tourists in audio form. The program collects over 10000 audio tours and over 2000 voice guides to the most popular museums in the world in over a hundred countries! The recordings are available in the application for free and their content has been translated into 58 languages. No internet is required to use the guides. You can download the tours in advance and listen to them without data transmission only during the actual tour.


The application collects data on all group tours and walks taking place in a given city. It provides information about the city walks organized for free, which are planned by various cultural institutions. Each of them is attended by a guide who will present the history of the city and show the most interesting sights. If the user decides to take advantage of a paid tour, he can find information about the price and plan his budget before the trip begins. The database is extended by thematic tours, bike rides or events organized by local outlets and catering establishments.

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