Trackers for football players – what purpose does it serve?

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Trackers for football players – what purpose does it serve?

How to most effectively monitor football players and their performance? Modern devices such as trackers can help. This is an excellent way to obtain data on both individual athletes and the whole team. What kind of trackers for football players are available on the market? Here are some notable proposals.

Polar Team System

This is one of the first solutions of its kind on the market. It was a set of wristbands together with a base where training sessions were recorded. This meant that the athletes did not have to wear watches on their hands. After the training, all the athlete had to do was to place the wristbands in a special database connected to a computer and analyze the individual training loads. The disadvantage of this solution was the parameters, which were limited to a heart rate listing. However, there was a lack of any kind of speed measurement.


Tracker, which allows you to continuously track the activity of a football player during a match or training, and then analyze the data thus obtained. This device allows you to better understand the way a player moves around the field and the performance of their body. The tracker is mounted on the calf. It does not interfere with the game in any way. All analyses are done in real time, which makes the data available almost instantly; whether by the user himself or his coach, who is able to see how the player behaves on the pitch and what mistakes he makes.


T-Goal is a suite for monitoring data related to a player’s activity – both on and off the pitch. It is a proven way to improve training effectiveness. The device consists of a module equipped with sensors and a calf band. This makes the sensors usable in several ways – during the game, as well as for tracking supplementary activity. The wearable format is more than enough to record data during movement throughout the season – creating a profile of a particular user and key information such as distance run or heatmap.

T-Goal differs from other products of this type available on the market by a slightly different design, which makes it have an extremely wide range of functions that can also be used for other tasks. Along with the device the user receives a dedicated software for smartphone and tablet, which allows you to precisely analyze the readings obtained. Such a panel is an invaluable help for every trainer.


DashTag is a tracker equipped with a miniature LED screen. This solution significantly facilitates the orientation in the mode of operation and mastering the moment of proper data synchronization with a dedicated smartphone application. There is an option here to check individual parameters during the game. There are functions for each of the football groups, with an emphasis on players aged from 13 to 20 years.

The algorithms in the discussed solution have been developed with sprints in mind, which are recalculated in several different parameters, such as distance, speed or duration, among others. This allows for quick and convenient calculation of spurts and mobility. It is best to measure the results during one whole session – then it is possible to check the overall form of the player and his individual abilities to distribute his strength and potential in the long run. It’s worth measuring each player using the same methods – this will allow you to create an individual profile of each player and compare their abilities.

GPS tracker vests worn under a T-shirt

The vests, somewhat derisively referred to as “football bras,” fit tightly around the body, covering the upper back and chest. On the back, however, there is a transmitter that monitors the player’s movement.

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