How does artificial intelligence help football players and coaches?

Modern technology has become an integral part of most sports around the world. How does artificial intelligence (AI) help football players and coaches?

Artificial intelligence and the work of coaching staffs

One of the elements most heavily influenced by artificial intelligence in soccer is tactical preparation and the training process. With powerful statistics and the ability to analyze video footage in detail, the coaching staff of each team has the chance to closely examine the specific ways in which the opponent is playing, and ideally choose the tactics to play the match.

Most clubs have their own danologists and statisticians, who deal with in-depth analysis of individual teams and players. Some teams decide to use the services of external companies that deal with professional statistics. Databases created with specially written algorithms allow detailed data to be analyzed even in real time, allowing for more freedom to make changes to how a match is played while it is still in progress.

Football scouting AI

Apart from the extensive and detailed statistics, a modern camera system is also helpful in scouting. The recorded image is transformed in real-time in 3D technology, creating a comprehensive video. On its basis the artificial intelligence carries out a thorough analysis of the way of playing and efficiency of the observed player. The data collected allows the creation of a model of development of a specific player, and thus highlight the progress and potential advantages of the player’s game. Artificial intelligence has definitely streamlined the whole process and made it possible to conduct it remotely.

Live streaming or replayed footage makes it possible to analyze players from all over the world without leaving your desk. What’s more, the comprehensive data also makes it possible to put a potential player’s performance in comparison to other players competing in the same league and verify that there isn’t a more valuable player at another club. Artificial intelligence, with the help of special algorithms, is able to pick up hidden relationships that would not be discernible even to the most experienced scout.

“When we were in Lisbon in the autumn on the occasion of the Europa League match against Benfica, we had the opportunity to meet the head of the analysis department,…

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Football Match Management

Artificial intelligence is used not only off the field, but especially during the match being played. Modern technology makes it possible to record matches, in such a way that it simultaneously analyzes detailed game parameters in real time. Special sensors are placed on the field, in the ball, as well as in the players’ outfits, which allow to monitor the speed and rotation of the ball, allow to follow the course of passes between players, as well as to predict the success of specific plays.

Artificial intelligence is also used to analyze the correctness of performed actions and their compliance with current regulations (e.g. VAR system). An innovative technological solution that has developed soccer was the introduction of the goal-line system, which monitored the ball crossing the goal line. This reduced the risk of a mistake by the referee, and information about the goal appeared in the system after only a few seconds.

Artificial intelligence in other sports

Artificial intelligence and all technological innovations have significantly influenced the development of world sports. Disciplines that regularly use modern technological solutions are plentiful, and some of them could not be implemented without technological support. One such sport is Formula 1. In addition to intelligent systems and specially written algorithms, the discipline also uses special sensors placed on the car. It is estimated that on a single vehicle there can be simultaneously up to 400 modern detectors studying detailed parameters. The possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are also used by volleyball, tennis, athletics, cycling, ski jumping or basketball.

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