Dive computer – how does it work?

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Dive computer – how does it work?

Dive computer is next to the wetsuit and rebreather one of the inseparable elements of equipment of each diving enthusiast. How does such a device work? What parameters should be taken into account when choosing it? We suggest!

Dive computer – what is it?

A dive computer is an electronic diving aid that measures basic parameters, such as dive time and depth. Additionally, it has specialized algorithms that calculate the level of saturation. Why should you decide to buy a dive computer? First of all, because it guarantees safety while diving. Every second is analyzed and processed in detail here. The computer is also able to effectively catch any error or moment of distraction. By many divers it is treated as a diary, in which are recorded individual dates or dive profiles.

Until recently, the dive computer was an expensive gadget that only a few could afford to buy. Today it is an affordable device, which also looks good enough to successfully replace a sports watch. Even the cheapest, simplest dive computer has all the necessary functions and algorithms built in.

The main task of this device is to calculate the Non Decompression Limit (NDL). This term is used for the time that a diver can spend underwater without performing a formal decompression and limiting himself only to the so-called safety stop. Additionally, the dive computer displays the dive time and the current depth. Advanced models can also present the temperature or do heart rate analysis.

The Liquivision Lynx computer can monitor your own gas consumption and that of nine other divers simultaneously.

Published by ECN-Diving Systems Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to choose the perfect dive computer?

On the store windows you can come across various types of dive computers that differ from each other in many parameters. To begin with, it is worth mentioning the bottom timer. Since it does not measure decompression, it is not considered a dive computer. Many divers use such equipment in order to perform dives according to the plan. It is also used as a backup measuring device. The bottom timer gives valuable information, such as dive time, depth, ascent rate, average depth, and temperature.

Divers can also get themselves a one-gas – nitrox computers. In contrast to the known from the past basic devices of this type, they allow you to dive not only on air. This equipment is equipped with a function to dive on a mixture enriched with oxygen nitrox.

It is also worth mentioning here the multi-gas – nitrox computers, which have the ability to switch between gases during the dive. Thanks to this, they allow you to dive on the so-called basic gas and switch during the decompression stop to decompression nitrox.

The most expensive are trimix dive computers – multi-gas. What distinguishes them is the ability to freely switch between several different gases. Devices of this type allow you to program oxygen to 99% and multi-gas mixtures trimix. In addition, such a computer has a digital compass, and can also work with a pressure transmitter.

Dive computers available in stores can be divided into watch and traditional. Basic models are equipped only with monochrome displays. More expensive ones, however, have a color, easy to read screen with a fairly high resolution. As for the shape of the case, it can be round or rectangular.

What parameters are particularly worth paying attention to when choosing a dive computer? One of them is the possibility of using a wireless pressure sensor. An equally important feature is wireless communication with a computer or laptop.

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