E-services, or how to take care of safety during summer travels

The official start of summer vacations is a great opportunity to take a look at e-services that will make this carefree period even more enjoyable and much less complicated. Here are some of the most interesting proposals for people planning to spend this summer in an active way.

Vacations are a time when many of us decide to leave the comfort of our homes for some time and travel into the unknown. Modern technologies, namely e-services, will prove invaluable in the context of travel. Thanks to them, going on vacation will become easier and we will be able to focus solely on pleasure. Which applications are worth using?

Safe bus

Buses and coaches are one of the most popular means of transport. The Safe Bus e-service provides instant verification for any vehicle – all you need to do is enter its registration number. In this way we will be sure that the means of transport we have chosen meets the safety criteria.

? Weekend bus trip or maybe your child is going on a trip next week? ? The registration number…

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Anapplication that will be useful for all travelers. It contains all data necessary to join a trip: first name, surname, PESEL, date of birth, ID card number and its expiration date, citizenship, and a photo from the ID card. This information will be useful not only during the trip itself, but also during such activities as checking in at a hotel, checking tickets, or renting sports equipment.

Vehicle history

This free application is dedicated mainly to drivers who are planning to buy a new car before their vacations. Thanks to the application, we will check whether the vehicle we have chosen has not been stolen or scrapped before and whether the odometer has not been turned over. All we will need is registration number, VIN number and date of first registration.

CEPiK “Vehicle History” service – allows you to check the car before buying it.

what information can be obtained using the service…

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