Best mobile apps for tennis coaching

Being technically correct in your tennis game is the key to getting a good skill level. In addition to regular practice, various mobile apps for beginner tennis players can help.

Zepp Tennis Classic App

Zepp Tennis Classic is an app that allows you to get detailed data of a player’s game and specialized analysis of the technique of specific plays using a sensor. The Zepp device is placed on the racket, so it can record data both during training and the matches themselves. The monitored parameters of strength, intensity, accuracy and correct play are sent to the Zepp Tennis Classic app, which produces accurate statistics, analysis and even 3D models.

A similar system with a sensor from the same brand is used for golf, during which the sensor is placed in the player’s glove.

SwingVision AI Tennis App

The second proposal on the list is dedicated to tennis lovers who like to follow the matches of other players. With the ability to replay individual actions and see detailed statistics, the user has a unique chance to watch and learn from the best tennis players in the world. The application records and generates the best actions from selected matches, at the same time creating statistics and data that allow you to see the exact technique of the player. The program provides information on the most frequently selected directions of specific plays, the depth and precision of a stroke, ball extension or ball rotation and speed during flight.

BestShot Tennis Tracker App

Another application is a proposal for owners of Apple Watch. Thanks to the watch, the program is able to monitor the game during the whole training. The collected data is analyzed by a virtual coach-like system.

In addition to basic data such as number of calories burned or distance covered or heart rate, the application provides data on winning points, precision and technical correctness of the stroke, ways of playing the action (volley, smash, backhand, forehand) and the most effective solutions on the tennis court. Individual statistics can be saved, so the user has the chance to monitor the progress made.

Tennis Coach Plus HD (Tennis Coach Plus HD)

Simple in form, this app allows you to do comprehensive tennis coaching on your own. The program system includes instructional videos prepared by professional coaches, in which the correct technique of performing specific moves is demonstrated. The recordings can be freely adjusted to your needs by stopping, slowing down and replaying subsequent files. The application is free and adjusted to the needs of beginner tennis players.

Hudl Technique App

The last app in the list is a system that allows you to record your entire workout and then accurately analyze the entire alignment of the player’s body. The video is played in slow motion so that the player can see all the details of specific teams. The recorded footage is analyzed in detail, giving the user almost instant feedback on the correctness of their playing technique. Players using the app can also access recordings of other players and learn from the footage they have collected.

Featured photo: Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images for American Express

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